Darryl Philbin Funko Pop! #873 - Funko Pop! #873

The Office US (TV Series)

Darryl Philbin Funko Pop! #873

Darryl Philbin, is the foreman of the warehouse of the Scranton branch of fictitious paper distributor Dunder Mifflin.

Perhaps one of the most hysterical street catchphrases Darryl ever taught Michael Scott was the one that started with ‘Bippity Boppity.’ Not only is it obvious that Darryl is making these up, but actually acts as a plot device to establish how gullible and ignorant Michael really is.

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Office relationships can be the most interesting also the most debilitating relationships you will ever encounter. However, if you add comedy to it then the relationships can become bearable, and one can enjoy the drama and the dynamics. That is what the creators of “The Office” wanted to achieve and highlight. The message is that interpersonal dynamics can fulfill as well as allow every person to grow within tricky situations.

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