Kevin Malone with Chilli Funko Pop! #874 - Funko Pop! #874

The Office US (TV Series)

Kevin Malone with Chilli Funko Pop! #874

Kevin Malone (born June 1, 1968) is a fictional character in the American television series The Office. He was played by Brian Baumgartner.

This Funko Pop is based on the 26th episode of season 5, where Kevin brings in his famous chilli. Many fans refer to the episode as the “kevin malone chilli episode”.

Kevin arrives early and brings in a huge pot of chili for his fellow office workers to enjoy. As Kevin narrates (in voice-over) the pride he takes in his chili and how much hard work he put into it, he accidentally spills the pot’s contents all over the floor and begins using nearby binders to shovel it back into the pot while getting it all over himself.

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A bit of background about The Office – The series was based on the BBC series with the same name created by Ricky Garvais and Stephan Merchant. Greg Daniels is a veteran writer who was responsible for series like “The Simpsons” among others.

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